About Center For Tomorrow

Vision Statement: A world where people are equipped with the right skill set to make the best decisions about their tomorrow/future.

Mission Statement: Center for Tomorrow gives people an opportunity to dream, work towards their dreams and live a fulfilling life.

Core Values: We accomplish this vision and mission statement through: Integrity, Empowerment, Compassion, Motivation, Commitment, and Good Stewardship.

Our Work

Getting Involved


Volunteers are welcome to share their career experiences, read books with children and to carry out skills training in their area of expertise; in addition to getting engaged in any of the scheduled activities.


Both cash or non-cash donations can be received. Cash donations can be towards sponsorship or training. Non-cash donations can be reading materials, equipment used towards training or scheduled donations like sanitary pads to remote schools.

Crocheting - Source of Income


Ms Akulo Agnes, a widow with 7 children, she has done many odd jobs to provide her family with the basic needs like food, shelter, medical and education. Her struggles don’t differ much from the many widows that are poverty stricken in the slums of Kampala Uganda. She has tried many ways of generating income but still falling short on rising school fees for her children. The answer to her rising school fees came through a skills development program that offered her training in crocheting. She quickly picked interest after realizing the potential this could have in increasing income for her household. She also easily identifies with it because it did not require her to change her day to day routines. She could still go work at a local day care center and return home to prepare food for her kids about to arrive from school. When all housework was done and the kids are off to play, she sits outside her house and picks the needle and thread and start crocheting.
The crocheting did not change her interactions with her social circles. She says, “I attend church meeting and visit my friends with my needle and thread. The moment I sit down, my hands get busy as I listen and talk.The money from crocheting is an excellent add on to my income. Now, I plan my week based on how much money I need for that week to be able to raise the school fees before children are set home for school fees defaulting. After that, I also break down to how many pieces of shoe straps I have to crotchet to raise that money. This has contributed significantly to improving the living conditions of my family and education for my children“

Based on the work Center For Tomorrow is doing in the community to skill women, Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) patterned with us to enable the organization be able to skill more women in not only crocheting of shoes but also tailoring of clothes and bags.

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P.O.Box 35622, Kampala – Uganda


+256 705 241 106

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